Our Produce

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Soft Cheese: A young, fresh Cheese with a milder, soft texture.
Plain, Garlic, Chive, Mixed Herbs
100g / 250g pots – 500g tubs on request

Rind Ripened: Firmer in texture and will develop a richer flavour and a soft centre as it continues to ripen.
Small (50g-70g) / Large (110g-130g)

Goats Kefir: A probiotic, fermented milk drink, found to be beneficial for digestive health
Made using our fresh, pasteurised Goats Milk and Live Kefir grains.
500ml / 1ltr

Goats Milk: Simply our fresh, pasteurised Goats Milk
Perfect, just as it is!
500ml / 1ltr

Goats Milk Fudge:
150g Bag

All of our Produce is made by us at the Farm – using fresh, Pasteurised Goats Milk, only from our own herd of Dairy Goats.

*Please Note: ALL produce is subject to availability.*